AWS CodeDeploy
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-06)

AWS CodeDeploy AppSpec File Reference

This section is a reference only. For a conceptual overview of the AppSpec file, see Application Specification Files.

The application specification file (AppSpec file) is a YAML-formatted file used by AWS CodeDeploy to determine:

  • what it should install onto your instances from your application revision in Amazon S3 or GitHub.

  • which lifecycle event hooks to run in response to deployment lifecycle events.

An AppSpec file must be named appspec.yml and it must be placed in the root of an application's source code's directory structure. Otherwise, deployments will fail.

After you have a completed AppSpec file, you bundle it, along with the content to deploy, into an archive file (zip, tar, or compressed tar). For more information, see Working with Application Revisions for AWS CodeDeploy.


The tar and compressed tar archive file formats (.tar and .tar.gz) are not supported for Windows Server instances.

After you have a bundled archive file (known in AWS CodeDeploy as a revision), you upload it to an Amazon S3 bucket or Git repository. Then you use AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the revision. For instructions, see Create a Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy.