Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Amazon SES Suspension FAQ

Q1. I received a suspension notice. What does that mean?

We had to shut down your account due to a critical issue with your sending, so you can no longer send emails. There are three scenarios in which a suspension can occur:

  • You are put on probation for a sending problem (for example, bounces), the probation expires, and the issue has not been resolved.

  • Your problem is so severe that you were immediately suspended without a probation period.

  • You have a history of repeated probations for a particular issue, and the issue reoccurred.

Q2. Will I always be notified if I am suspended?

Yes. You will receive a notification at the email address of the AWS account associated with the Amazon SES suspension.

Q3. Will the Amazon SES suspension affect my use of other AWS services?


Q4. What should I do if my account has been suspended?

You should do the following:

  • Look at the email you received from us for a summary of the issue.

  • Investigate your sending to determine what aspect of your sending specifically triggered the issue.

  • Once you have fixed the issue, send us an appeal telling us about the fixes you made (see Q6. How do I submit an appeal?). Note that you should appeal your suspension only after you've made your changes— do not submit an appeal outlining changes you plan to make. If you do, we will ask you to contact us again once the fixes are actually in place.

  • Be sure to provide any information we specifically request. We need this information to evaluate your case.

Q5. What is an appeal?

An appeal is when you reply to a probation or suspension notification (or email from the email address associated with your AWS account) and provide the specific information we need to determine whether we can remove the probation or suspension. For a list of information to provide, see Q6. How do I submit an appeal?.

Q6. How do I submit an appeal?

Just reply to the suspension notification. If you cannot find the suspension notification, send your appeal to from the email address associated with your AWS account. In your appeal, you should explain in as much detail as possible the following three things:

  • An explanation of how and why you think the problem occurred.

  • A list of changes you have already made to address the issue (not changes you plan to make).

  • An explanation of why you believe these changes will prevent the problem from happening again.

Read the FAQ specific to your issue (for example, bounces) to see if there is additional information you need to provide in your appeal.


Failure to provide this information will delay the appeal process because we will request the remaining information before we can make a decision. In addition, be sure to provide any additional information we specifically request during the appeal correspondence.

Q7. What if my appeal isn't accepted?

We will respond to you explaining why your appeal wasn't accepted, and you will often have the option of appealing again after you address the issue. For example, we might ask you for more information, and once you provide the information, your appeal might be accepted. As another example, if you tell us how you will fix the problem and haven't actually fixed it, we'll ask you to contact us again once you've actually fixed the issue.

Q8. Can you help me diagnose the problem?

Typically we can give you only a high-level overview of your issue (for example, that you have a problem with bounces). You will need to investigate the root cause on your end.

Q9. How will I know if my account has been reinstated?

We will provide this information in our response to your appeal, or in some cases you will receive an automated notification at the email address associated with your AWS account. You can also try sending an email to yourself through Amazon SES (for example, using the Amazon SES console). If the attempt is successful, then you have been reinstated.

Q10. Can I get help from my AWS representative or Premium Support?

If you are actively working with an AWS account representative, we will contact him or her regarding your probation, and he or she might be able to help you to better understand the problem. Feel free to contact your representative directly as well. If you are signed up for Premium Support, you might also want to engage that team to help with this process.