Amazon Simple Email Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)

Limits in Amazon SES

This topic lists limits within Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).

Limits Related to Email Sending

The following tables list limits related to email sending.

Sending Limits


Sending limits are based on recipients rather than on messages.

Sending limits in the sandbox environment
  • Sending quota: 200 emails per 24-hour period.

  • Maximum send rate: 1 email per second.


    The rate at which Amazon SES accepts your messages might be less than the maximum send rate.

To increase your sending limits, open an SES Sending Limit case in Support Center. For more information, see Moving Out of the Amazon SES Sandbox.

Message Limits


Maximum message size (including attachments)

10 MB per message (after base64 encoding).

Accepted header fields

Amazon SES accepts any email headers that follow the format described in RFC 822.

Accepted attachment types

Amazon SES accepts all file attachment types except for attachments with file extensions listed in Appendix: Unsupported Attachment Types.

Sender and Recipient Limits


Sender address

Both in and out of the sandbox, you are required to verify the "From", "Source", "Sender", and "Return-Path" email addresses or domains, although not "Reply-To".

Recipient address

In the sandbox environment, all "To" addresses except for Amazon SES mailbox simulator addresses must be verified. If you don't want to verify your "To" addresses, open an SES Sending Limit case in Support Center. For more information, see Moving Out of the Amazon SES Sandbox.

Maximum number of recipients per message

50 recipients per message.

A recipient is any "To", "CC", or "BCC" address.

Maximum number of identities you can verify

1000 identities (domains or email addresses in any combination) per AWS account per region.

Limits Related to Email Sending Event Publishing


Maximum number of configuration sets


Maximum number of event destinations per configuration set


Maximum number of dimensions per CloudWatch event destination


Amazon EC2-Related Limits


Email sending over port 25

Amazon EC2 throttles email traffic over port 25 by default. To avoid timeouts when sending email through the Amazon SES SMTP endpoint from Amazon EC2, use a different port (587 or 2587) or fill out a Request to Remove Email Sending Limitations.

Limits Related to Email Receiving

The following table lists limits related to email receiving.


Maximum number of rules per receipt rule set


Maximum number of actions per receipt rule


Maximum number of recipients per receipt rule


Maximum number of receipt rule sets per AWS account


Maximum number of IP address filters per AWS account


Maximum email size (including headers) that can be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket

30 MB

Maximum email size (including headers) that can be published using an Amazon SNS notification

150 KB

General Limits

The following table lists limits that apply to both email sending and email receiving.

Amazon SES API Limits


Rate at which you can call Amazon SES API actions

All actions (except for SendEmail and SendRawEmail) are throttled at one request per second. For more information about the Amazon SES API, see the Amazon Simple Email Service API Reference.

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