Amazon Simple Notification Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-03-31)

What is Amazon Simple Notification Service?

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a web service that coordinates and manages the delivery or sending of messages to subscribing endpoints or clients. In Amazon SNS, there are two types of clients—publishers and subscribers—also referred to as producers and consumers. Publishers communicate asynchronously with subscribers by producing and sending a message to a topic, which is a logical access point and communication channel. Subscribers (i.e., web servers, email addresses, Amazon SQS queues, AWS Lambda functions) consume or receive the message or notification over one of the supported protocols (i.e., Amazon SQS, HTTP/S, email, SMS, Lambda) when they are subscribed to the topic.

When using Amazon SNS, you (as the owner) create a topic and control access to it by defining policies that determine which publishers and subscribers can communicate with the topic. A publisher sends messages to topics that they have created or to topics they have permission to publish to. Instead of including a specific destination address in each message, a publisher sends a message to the topic. Amazon SNS matches the topic to a list of subscribers who have subscribed to that topic, and delivers the message to each of those subscribers. Each topic has a unique name that identifies the Amazon SNS endpoint for publishers to post messages and subscribers to register for notifications. Subscribers receive all messages published to the topics to which they subscribe, and all subscribers to a topic receive the same messages.

Are You a First-Time Amazon Simple Notification Service User?

If you are a first-time user of Amazon SNS, we recommend that you begin by reading the following sections:

The following video introduces Amazon SNS and walks you through the example presented in Getting Started with Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Beyond the getting started section

Beyond the getting started section, you'll probably want to learn more about Amazon SNS operations. The following sections provide detailed information about working with Amazon SNS:

Accessing Amazon SNS

You can access Amazon SNS using the AWS Management Console, the command line interface (CLI)—, and by writing code directly to the Amazon SNS Query API—, see Amazon Simple Notification Service API Reference.

We also provide SDKs that enable you to access Amazon SNS from your preferred programming language. The SDKs contain functionality that automatically takes care of tasks such as:

  • Cryptographically signing your service requests

  • Retrying requests

  • Handling error responses

For a list of available SDKs, go to Tools for Amazon Web Services