Metadata attribute - AWS CloudFormation

Metadata attribute

The Metadata attribute enables you to associate structured data with a resource. By adding a Metadata attribute to a resource, you can add data in JSON or YAML to the resource declaration. In addition, you can use intrinsic functions (such as GetAtt and Ref), parameters, and pseudo parameters within the Metadata attribute to add those interpreted values.


AWS CloudFormation doesn't validate the syntax within the metadata attribute.


CloudFormation doesn't redact or obfuscate any information you include in the metadata attribute. We strongly recommend you don't use this section to store sensitive information, such as passwords or secrets.

You can retrieve this data using the AWS Command Line Interface command aws cloudformation describe-stack-resource or the DescribeStackResource API operation.


The following template contains an Amazon S3 bucket resource with a Metadata attribute.


{ "AWSTemplateFormatVersion" : "2010-09-09", "Resources" : { "MyS3Bucket" : { "Type" : "AWS::S3::Bucket", "Metadata" : { "Object1" : "Location1", "Object2" : "Location2" } } } }


AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09' Resources: MyS3Bucket: Type: AWS::S3::Bucket Metadata: Object1: Location1 Object2: Location2