AWS::ApiGatewayV2::DomainName MutualTlsAuthentication - AWS CloudFormation

AWS::ApiGatewayV2::DomainName MutualTlsAuthentication

If specified, API Gateway performs two-way authentication between the client and the server. Clients must present a trusted certificate to access your API.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "TruststoreUri" : String, "TruststoreVersion" : String }


TruststoreUri: String TruststoreVersion: String



An Amazon S3 URL that specifies the truststore for mutual TLS authentication, for example, s3://bucket-name/key-name . The truststore can contain certificates from public or private certificate authorities. To update the truststore, upload a new version to S3, and then update your custom domain name to use the new version. To update the truststore, you must have permissions to access the S3 object.

Required: No

Type: String

Update requires: No interruption


The version of the S3 object that contains your truststore. To specify a version, you must have versioning enabled for the S3 bucket.

Required: No

Type: String

Update requires: No interruption