AWS::CloudWatch::MetricStream MetricStreamStatisticsConfiguration - AWS CloudFormation

AWS::CloudWatch::MetricStream MetricStreamStatisticsConfiguration

This structure specifies a list of additional statistics to stream, and the metrics to stream those additional statistics for.

All metrics that match the combination of metric name and namespace will be streamed with the additional statistics, no matter their dimensions.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "AdditionalStatistics" : [ String, ... ], "IncludeMetrics" : [ MetricStreamStatisticsMetric, ... ] }



The additional statistics to stream for the metrics listed in IncludeMetrics.

Required: Yes

Type: Array of String

Maximum: 20

Update requires: No interruption


An array that defines the metrics that are to have additional statistics streamed.

Required: Yes

Type: Array of MetricStreamStatisticsMetric

Maximum: 100

Update requires: No interruption