AWS::GroundStation::Config SpectrumConfig - AWS CloudFormation

AWS::GroundStation::Config SpectrumConfig

Defines a spectrum.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:



The bandwidth of the spectrum. AWS Ground Station currently has the following bandwidth limitations:

  • For AntennaDownlinkDemodDecodeconfig, valid values are between 125 kHz to 650 MHz.

  • For AntennaDownlinkconfig, valid values are between 10 kHz to 54 MHz.

  • For AntennaUplinkConfig, valid values are between 10 kHz to 54 MHz.

Required: No

Type: FrequencyBandwidth

Update requires: No interruption


The center frequency of the spectrum. Valid values are between 2200 to 2300 MHz and 7750 to 8400 MHz for downlink and 2025 to 2120 MHz for uplink.

Required: No

Type: Frequency

Update requires: No interruption


The polarization of the spectrum. Valid values are "RIGHT_HAND" and "LEFT_HAND". Capturing both "RIGHT_HAND" and "LEFT_HAND" polarization requires two separate configs.

Required: No

Type: String

Allowed values: LEFT_HAND | RIGHT_HAND | NONE

Update requires: No interruption


Create a SpectrumConfig

The following example creates a Ground Station SpectrumConfig


{ "SpectrumConfig": { "Bandwidth": { "Value": 30, "Units": "MHz" }, "CenterFrequency": { "Value": 7812, "Units": "MHz" }, "Polarization": "RIGHT_HAND" } }


SpectrumConfig: Bandwidth: Value: 30 Units: MHz CenterFrequency: Value: 7812 Units: MHz Polarization: RIGHT_HAND