AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::Application FlinkApplicationConfiguration - AWS CloudFormation

AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::Application FlinkApplicationConfiguration

Describes configuration parameters for a Managed Service for Apache Flink application or a Studio notebook.


To declare this entity in your AWS CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:



Describes an application's checkpointing configuration. Checkpointing is the process of persisting application state for fault tolerance. For more information, see Checkpoints for Fault Tolerance in the Apache Flink Documentation.

Required: No

Type: CheckpointConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption


Describes configuration parameters for Amazon CloudWatch logging for an application.

Required: No

Type: MonitoringConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption


Describes parameters for how an application executes multiple tasks simultaneously.

Required: No

Type: ParallelismConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption

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