AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose DeliveryStream ElasticsearchRetryOptions

The ElasticsearchRetryOptions property type configures the retry behavior for when Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose (Kinesis Data Firehose) can't deliver data to Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES).

RetryOptions is a property of the Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose DeliveryStream ElasticsearchDestinationConfiguration property type.



{ "DurationInSeconds" : Integer }


DurationInSeconds: Integer



After an initial failure to deliver to Amazon ES, the total amount of time during which Kinesis Data Firehose re-attempts delivery (including the first attempt). If Kinesis Data Firehose can't deliver the data within the specified time, it writes the data to the backup S3 bucket. For valid values, see the DurationInSeconds content for the ElasticsearchRetryOptions data type in the Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose API Reference.

Required: Yes

Type: Integer

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