AWS CloudFormation
User Guide (API Version 2010-05-15)

Deleting a Stack on the AWS CloudFormation Console

To delete a stack

  1. From the list of stacks in the AWS CloudFormation console, select the stack that you want to delete (it must be currently running).

  2. Choose Actions and then Delete Stack.

                  The Delete Stack option in the Actions menu.
  3. Click Yes, Delete when prompted.


    After stack deletion has begun, you cannot abort it. The stack proceeds to the DELETE_IN_PROGRESS state.

    After the stack deletion is complete, the stack will be in the DELETE_COMPLETE state. Stacks in the DELETE_COMPLETE state are not displayed in the AWS CloudFormation console by default. To display deleted stacks, you must change the stack view setting as described in Viewing Deleted Stacks.

    If the delete failed, the stack will be in the DELETE_FAILED state. For solutions, see the Delete Stack Fails troubleshooting topic.

For information on protecting stacks from being accidentally deleted see Protecting a Stack From Being Deleted.