Fn::FindInMap - AWS CloudFormation


The intrinsic function Fn::FindInMap returns the value corresponding to keys in a two-level map that's declared in the Mappings section.

For more information on enhancements to the Fn::FindInMap intrinsic function when using the AWS::LanguageExtensions transform, see Fn::FindInMap enhancements.



{ "Fn::FindInMap" : [ "MapName", "TopLevelKey", "SecondLevelKey"] }


Syntax for the full function name:

Fn::FindInMap: [ MapName, TopLevelKey, SecondLevelKey ]

Syntax for the short form:

!FindInMap [ MapName, TopLevelKey, SecondLevelKey ]

You can't nest two instances of two functions in short form.



The logical name of a mapping declared in the Mappings section that contains the keys and values.


The top-level key name. Its value is a list of key-value pairs.


The second-level key name, which is set to one of the keys from the list assigned to TopLevelKey.

Return value:

The value that's assigned to SecondLevelKey.


The following example shows how to use Fn::FindInMap for a template with a Mappings section that contains a single map, RegionMap, that associates AMIs with AWS Regions.

  • The map has 5 top-level keys that correspond to various AWS Regions.

  • Each top-level key is assigned a list with two second level keys, "HVM64" and "HVMG2", that correspond to the AMI's architecture.

  • Each of the second-level keys is assigned an appropriate AMI name.

The example template contains an AWS::EC2::Instance resource whose ImageId property is set by the FindInMap function.

MapName is set to the map of interest, "RegionMap" in this example. TopLevelKey is set to the Region where the stack is created, which is determined by using the "AWS::Region" pseudo parameter. SecondLevelKey is set to the desired architecture, "HVM64" for this example.

FindInMap returns the AMI assigned to FindInMap. For a HVM64 instance in us-east-1, FindInMap would return "ami-0ff8a91507f77f867".


{ ... "Mappings" : { "RegionMap" : { "us-east-1" : { "HVM64" : "ami-0ff8a91507f77f867", "HVMG2" : "ami-0a584ac55a7631c0c" }, "us-west-1" : { "HVM64" : "ami-0bdb828fd58c52235", "HVMG2" : "ami-066ee5fd4a9ef77f1" }, "eu-west-1" : { "HVM64" : "ami-047bb4163c506cd98", "HVMG2" : "ami-0a7c483d527806435" }, "ap-southeast-1" : { "HVM64" : "ami-08569b978cc4dfa10", "HVMG2" : "ami-0be9df32ae9f92309" }, "ap-northeast-1" : { "HVM64" : "ami-06cd52961ce9f0d85", "HVMG2" : "ami-053cdd503598e4a9d" } } }, "Resources" : { "myEC2Instance" : { "Type" : "AWS::EC2::Instance", "Properties" : { "ImageId" : { "Fn::FindInMap" : [ "RegionMap", { "Ref" : "AWS::Region" }, "HVM64" ] }, "InstanceType" : "m1.small" } } } }


Mappings: RegionMap: us-east-1: HVM64: "ami-0ff8a91507f77f867" HVMG2: "ami-0a584ac55a7631c0c" us-west-1: HVM64: "ami-0bdb828fd58c52235" HVMG2: "ami-066ee5fd4a9ef77f1" eu-west-1: HVM64: "ami-047bb4163c506cd98" HVMG2: "ami-31c2f645" ap-southeast-1: HVM64: "ami-08569b978cc4dfa10" HVMG2: "ami-0be9df32ae9f92309" ap-northeast-1: HVM64: "ami-06cd52961ce9f0d85" HVMG2: "ami-053cdd503598e4a9d" Resources: myEC2Instance: Type: "AWS::EC2::Instance" Properties: ImageId: !FindInMap - RegionMap - !Ref 'AWS::Region' - HVM64 InstanceType: m1.small

Supported functions

You can use the following functions in a Fn::FindInMap function:

  • Fn::FindInMap

  • Ref