Create launch templates with AWS CloudFormation - AWS CloudFormation

Create launch templates with AWS CloudFormation

This section provides an example for creating an Amazon EC2 launch template using AWS CloudFormation. Launch templates allow you to create templates for configuring and provisioning Amazon EC2 instances within AWS. With launch templates, you can store launch parameters so that you do not have to specify them every time you launch an instance. For more examples, see the Examples section in the AWS::EC2::LaunchTemplate resource.

For more information about launch templates, see Launch an instance from a launch template.

For information about creating launch templates for use with Auto Scaling groups, see Launch templates in the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling User Guide.

Create a launch template that specifies security groups, tags, user data, and an IAM role

This snippet shows an AWS::EC2::LaunchTemplate resource that contains the configuration information to launch an instance. You specify values for the ImageId, InstanceType, SecurityGroups, UserData, and TagSpecifications properties. The SecurityGroups property specifies an existing EC2 security group and a new security group. The Ref function gets the ID of the AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup resource myNewEC2SecurityGroup that's declared elsewhere in the stack template.

The launch template includes a section for custom user data. You can pass in configuration tasks and scripts that run when an instance launches in this section. In this example, the user data installs the AWS Systems Manager Agent and starts the agent.

The launch template also includes an IAM role that allows applications running on instances to perform actions on your behalf. This example shows an AWS::IAM::Role resource for the launch template, which uses the IamInstanceProfile property to specify the IAM role. The Ref function gets the name of the AWS::IAM::InstanceProfile resource myInstanceProfile. To configure the permissions of the IAM role, you specify a value for the ManagedPolicyArns property.


{ "Resources":{ "myLaunchTemplate":{ "Type":"AWS::EC2::LaunchTemplate", "Properties":{ "LaunchTemplateName":{ "Fn::Sub": "${AWS::StackName}-launch-template" }, "LaunchTemplateData":{ "ImageId":"ami-02354e95b3example", "InstanceType":"t3.micro", "IamInstanceProfile":{ "Name":{ "Ref":"myInstanceProfile" } }, "SecurityGroupIds":[ { "Ref":"myNewEC2SecurityGroup" }, "sg-083cd3bfb8example" ], "UserData":{ "Fn::Base64":{ "Fn::Join": [ "", [ "#!/bin/bash\n", "cd /tmp\n", "yum install -y\n", "systemctl enable amazon-ssm-agent\n", "systemctl start amazon-ssm-agent\n" ] ] } }, "TagSpecifications":[ { "ResourceType":"instance", "Tags":[ { "Key":"environment", "Value":"development" } ] }, { "ResourceType":"volume", "Tags":[ { "Key":"environment", "Value":"development" } ] } ] } } }, "myInstanceRole":{ "Type":"AWS::IAM::Role", "Properties":{ "RoleName":"InstanceRole", "AssumeRolePolicyDocument":{ "Version":"2012-10-17", "Statement":[ { "Effect":"Allow", "Principal":{ "Service":[ "" ] }, "Action":[ "sts:AssumeRole" ] } ] }, "ManagedPolicyArns":[ "arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/myCustomerManagedPolicy" ] } }, "myInstanceProfile":{ "Type":"AWS::IAM::InstanceProfile", "Properties":{ "Path":"/", "Roles":[ { "Ref":"myInstanceRole" } ] } } } }


--- Resources: myLaunchTemplate: Type: AWS::EC2::LaunchTemplate Properties: LaunchTemplateName: !Sub ${AWS::StackName}-launch-template LaunchTemplateData: ImageId: ami-02354e95b3example InstanceType: t3.micro IamInstanceProfile: Name: !Ref myInstanceProfile SecurityGroupIds: - !Ref myNewEC2SecurityGroup - sg-083cd3bfb8example UserData: Fn::Base64: !Sub | #!/bin/bash cd /tmp yum install -y systemctl enable amazon-ssm-agent systemctl start amazon-ssm-agent TagSpecifications: - ResourceType: instance Tags: - Key: environment Value: development - ResourceType: volume Tags: - Key: environment Value: development myInstanceRole: Type: AWS::IAM::Role Properties: RoleName: InstanceRole AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Version: '2012-10-17' Statement: - Effect: 'Allow' Principal: Service: - '' Action: - 'sts:AssumeRole' ManagedPolicyArns: - 'arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/myCustomerManagedPolicy' myInstanceProfile: Type: AWS::IAM::InstanceProfile Properties: Path: '/' Roles: - !Ref myInstanceRole