CreateTransitGateway - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


Creates a transit gateway.

You can use a transit gateway to interconnect your virtual private clouds (VPC) and on-premises networks. After the transit gateway enters the available state, you can attach your VPCs and VPN connections to the transit gateway.

To attach your VPCs, use CreateTransitGatewayVpcAttachment.

To attach a VPN connection, use CreateCustomerGateway to create a customer gateway and specify the ID of the customer gateway and the ID of the transit gateway in a call to CreateVpnConnection.

When you create a transit gateway, we create a default transit gateway route table and use it as the default association route table and the default propagation route table. You can use CreateTransitGatewayRouteTable to create additional transit gateway route tables. If you disable automatic route propagation, we do not create a default transit gateway route table. You can use EnableTransitGatewayRouteTablePropagation to propagate routes from a resource attachment to a transit gateway route table. If you disable automatic associations, you can use AssociateTransitGatewayRouteTable to associate a resource attachment with a transit gateway route table.

Request Parameters

The following parameters are for this specific action. For more information about required and optional parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Query Parameters.


A description of the transit gateway.

Type: String

Required: No


Checks whether you have the required permissions for the action, without actually making the request, and provides an error response. If you have the required permissions, the error response is DryRunOperation. Otherwise, it is UnauthorizedOperation.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The transit gateway options.

Type: TransitGatewayRequestOptions object

Required: No


The tags to apply to the transit gateway.

Type: Array of TagSpecification objects

Required: No

Response Elements

The following elements are returned by the service.


The ID of the request.

Type: String


Information about the transit gateway.

Type: TransitGateway object


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common client error codes.

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