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Describes your account's Reserved Instance listings in the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

The Reserved Instance Marketplace matches sellers who want to resell Reserved Instance capacity that they no longer need with buyers who want to purchase additional capacity. Reserved Instances bought and sold through the Reserved Instance Marketplace work like any other Reserved Instances.

As a seller, you choose to list some or all of your Reserved Instances, and you specify the upfront price to receive for them. Your Reserved Instances are then listed in the Reserved Instance Marketplace and are available for purchase.

As a buyer, you specify the configuration of the Reserved Instance to purchase, and the Marketplace matches what you're searching for with what's available. The Marketplace first sells the lowest priced Reserved Instances to you, and continues to sell available Reserved Instance listings to you until your demand is met. You are charged based on the total price of all of the listings that you purchase.

For more information, see Sell in the Reserved Instance Marketplace in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.


The order of the elements in the response, including those within nested structures, might vary. Applications should not assume the elements appear in a particular order.

Request Parameters

The following parameters are for this specific action. For more information about required and optional parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Query Parameters.


One or more filters.

  • reserved-instances-id - The ID of the Reserved Instances.

  • reserved-instances-listing-id - The ID of the Reserved Instances listing.

  • status - The status of the Reserved Instance listing (pending | active | cancelled | closed).

  • status-message - The reason for the status.

Type: Array of Filter objects

Required: No


One or more Reserved Instance IDs.

Type: String

Required: No


One or more Reserved Instance listing IDs.

Type: String

Required: No

Response Elements

The following elements are returned by the service.


The ID of the request.

Type: String


Information about the Reserved Instance listing.

Type: Array of ReservedInstancesListing objects


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common client error codes.



This example shows all the listings associated with your account.

Sample Request &AUTHPARAMS

Sample Response

<DescribeReservedInstancesListingsResponse> <requestId>cec5c904-8f3a-4de5-8f5a-ff7f9EXAMPLE</requestId> <reservedInstancesListingsSet> <item> <reservedInstancesListingId>253dfbf9-c335-4808-b956-d942cEXAMPLE</reservedInstancesListingId> <reservedInstancesId>e5a2ff3b-7d14-494f-90af-0b5d0EXAMPLE</reservedInstancesId> <createDate>2012-07-06T19:35:29.000Z</createDate> <updateDate>2012-07-06T19:35:30.000Z</updateDate> <status>active</status> <statusMessage>ACTIVE</statusMessage> <instanceCounts> <item> <state>Available</state> <instanceCount>20</instanceCount> </item> <item> <state>Sold</state> <instanceCount>0</instanceCount> </item> <item> <state>Cancelled</state> <instanceCount>0</instanceCount> </item> <item> <state>Pending</state> <instanceCount>0</instanceCount> </item> </instanceCounts> <priceSchedules> <item> <term>8</term> <price>480.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>7</term> <price>420.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>6</term> <price>360.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>active</active> </item> <item> <term>5</term> <price>300.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>4</term> <price>240.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>3</term> <price>180.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>2</term> <price>120.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> <item> <term>1</term> <price>60.0</price> <currencyCode>USD</currencyCode> <active>false</active> </item> </priceSchedules> <tagSet/> <clientToken>myclienttoken1</clientToken> </item> </reservedInstancesListingsSet> </DescribeReservedInstancesListingsResponse>

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