IpamPoolCidr - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


A CIDR provisioned to an IPAM pool.



The CIDR provisioned to the IPAM pool. A CIDR is a representation of an IP address and its associated network mask (or netmask) and refers to a range of IP addresses. An IPv4 CIDR example is An IPv6 CIDR example is 2001:DB8::/32.

Type: String

Required: No


Details related to why an IPAM pool CIDR failed to be provisioned.

Type: IpamPoolCidrFailureReason object

Required: No


The state of the CIDR.

Type: String

Valid Values: pending-provision | provisioned | failed-provision | pending-deprovision | deprovisioned | failed-deprovision | pending-import | failed-import

Required: No

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