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API Reference (API Version 2016-11-15)

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The tags for a Spot Fleet resource.


ResourceType (request), resourceType (response)

The type of resource. Currently, the only resource type that is supported is instance.

Type: String

Valid Values: client-vpn-endpoint | customer-gateway | dedicated-host | dhcp-options | elastic-ip | fleet | fpga-image | host-reservation | image | instance | internet-gateway | launch-template | natgateway | network-acl | network-interface | reserved-instances | route-table | security-group | snapshot | spot-instances-request | subnet | traffic-mirror-filter | traffic-mirror-session | traffic-mirror-target | transit-gateway | transit-gateway-attachment | transit-gateway-route-table | volume | vpc | vpc-peering-connection | vpn-connection | vpn-gateway

Required: No

Tags (request), tag (response)

The tags.

Type: Array of Tag objects

Required: No

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