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Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts on AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to your premises. By providing local access to AWS managed infrastructure, AWS Outposts enables you to build and run applications on premises using the same programming interfaces as in AWS Regions, while using local compute and storage resources for lower latency and local data processing needs.

An Outpost is a pool of AWS compute and storage capacity deployed at a customer site. AWS operates, monitors, and manages this capacity as part of an AWS Region.

You can allocate Dedicated Hosts on Outposts that you own in your account. This makes it easier for you to bring your existing software licenses and workloads that require a dedicated physical server to AWS Outposts. You can also target specific hardware assets on an Outpost to help minimize latency between your workloads.

Dedicated Hosts allow you to use your eligible software licenses on Amazon EC2, so that you get the flexibility and cost effectiveness of using your own licenses. Other software licenses that are bound to virtual machines, sockets, or physical cores, can also be used on Dedicated Hosts, subject to their license terms. While Outposts have always been a single-tenant environments that are eligible for BYOL workloads, Dedicated Hosts allows you to limit the needed licenses to a single host as opposed to the entire Outpost deployment.

Additionally, using Dedicated Hosts on an Outpost gives you greater flexibility in instance type deployment, and more granular control over instance placement. You can target a specific host for instance launches and use host affinity to ensure that the instance always runs on that host, or you can use auto-placement to launch an instance onto any available host that has matching configurations and available capacity.


You must have an Outpost installed at your site. For more information, see Create an Outpost and order Outpost capacity in the AWS Outposts User Guide.

Supported features


  • Dedicated Host Reservations are not supported on Outposts.

  • Host resource groups and AWS License Manager are not supported on Outposts.

  • Dedicated Hosts on Outposts do not support burstable T3 instances.

  • Dedicated Hosts on Outposts do not support host recovery.

  • Simplified automatic recovery is not supported for instances with Dedicated Host tenancy on Outposts.