Identity and access management for Amazon EC2 - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Identity and access management for Amazon EC2

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an AWS service that helps an administrator securely control access to AWS resources. IAM administrators control who can be authenticated (signed in) and authorized (have permissions) to use Amazon EC2 resources. IAM is an AWS service that you can use with no additional charge.

Your security credentials identify you to services in AWS and grant you access to AWS resources, such as your Amazon EC2 resources. You can use features of Amazon EC2 and IAM to allow other users, services, and applications to use your Amazon EC2 resources without sharing your security credentials. You can use IAM to control how other users use resources in your AWS account, and you can use security groups to control access to your Amazon EC2 instances. You can choose to allow full or limited use of your Amazon EC2 resources.

For best practices for securing your AWS resources using IAM, see Security best practices in IAM in the IAM User Guide.