Amazon EC2 service quotas - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon EC2 service quotas

Amazon EC2 provides different resources that you can use. These resources include images, instances, volumes, and snapshots. When you create your AWS account, we set default quotas (also referred to as limits) on these resources on a per-Region basis. For example, there is a maximum number of instances that you can launch in a Region. So if you were to launch an instance in the US West (Oregon) Region, for example, the request must not cause your usage to exceed your maximum number of instances in that Region.

The Amazon EC2 console provides limit information for the resources managed by the Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC consoles. You can request an increase for many of these limits. Use the limit information that we provide to manage your AWS infrastructure. Plan to request any limit increases in advance of the time that you'll need them.

For more information, see Amazon EC2 endpoints and quotas in the Amazon Web Services General Reference. For information about Amazon EBS quotas, see Amazon EBS quotas.

View your current limits

Use the Limits page in the Amazon EC2 console to view the current limits for resources provided by Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC, on a per-Region basis.

To view your current limits

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. From the navigation bar, select a Region.

                  Select a Region
  3. From the navigation pane, choose Limits.

  4. Locate the resource in the list. You can use the search fields to filter the list by resource name or resource group. The Current limit column displays the current maximum for the resource for your account.

Request an increase

Use the Limits page in the Amazon EC2 console to request an increase in your Amazon EC2 or Amazon VPC resources, on a per-Region basis.

Alternatively, request an increase using Service Quotas. For more information, see Requesting a quota increase in the Service Quotas User Guide.

To request an increase using the Amazon EC2 console

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. From the navigation bar, select a Region.

  3. From the navigation pane, choose Limits.

  4. Select the resource in the list, and choose Request limit increase.

  5. Complete the required fields on the limit increase form and choose Submit. We'll respond to you using the contact method that you specified.

Restriction on email sent using port 25

On all instances, Amazon EC2 restricts outbound traffic to public IP addresses over port 25 by default. You can request that this restriction be removed. For more information, see How do I remove the restriction on port 25 from my EC2 instance? in the AWS Knowledge Center.


This restriction does not apply to outbound traffic sent over port 25 to:

  • IP addresses in the primary CIDR block of the VPC in which the originating network interface exists.

  • IP addresses in the CIDRs defined in RFC 1918, RFC 6598, and RFC 4193.