Requesting a quota increase - Service Quotas

Requesting a quota increase

For adjustable quotas, you can request a quota increase. Smaller increases are automatically approved, and larger requests are submitted to AWS Support. You can track your request case in the AWS Support console. Requests to increase service quotas don't receive priority support. If you have an urgent request, contact AWS Support.

AWS Support might approve, deny, or partially approve your requests.

To request a service quota increase

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Service Quotas console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose AWS services.

  3. Choose an AWS service from the list, or type the name of the service in the search box.

  4. If the quota is adjustable, you can choose the button or the name, and then choose Request quota increase.

  5. For Change quota value, enter the new value. The new value must be greater than the current value.

  6. Choose Request.

To view any pending or recently resolved requests, choose Dashboard from the navigation pane. For pending requests, choose the status of the request to open the request receipt. The initial status of a request is Pending. After the status changes to Quota requested, you'll see the case number with AWS Support. Choose the case number to open the ticket for your request.

After the request is resolved, the Applied quota value for the quota is set to the new value.

View quota request history

View your quota request history in the Service Quotas console. The console displays all open quota increase requests as well as quota requests closed in the last 90 days.


An AWS service, such as IAM, may be available only in certain regions. If you have quota increase requests in different regions, be sure to select the appropriate region first.

To view the quota request history, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Service Quotas console at

  2. To view any pending or recently resolved requests, choose Quota request history from the navigation pane.

The Recent quota increase requests panel displays information about your open recent quota increase requests and any requests closed within 90 days.

    Recent quota increase requests
  • Service – Displays the service name selected for the request.

  • Quota name – Displays the quota name selected for the quota increase.

  • Status – Displays the status of a request for a quota increase.

    You may see the following types of status:

    • Closed – Quota increase approved and request closed.

    • Quota request approved – Quota increase approved automatically.

    • Quota requested – Quota increase request pending AWS Support approval.

  • Requested quota value – The increased quota value you requested for the quota.

  • Request date – The date you requested the quota increase.

  • Last updated date – The last date the request received an update.

View details about a service, quota name, and status in the Quota request history table by choosing one of the entries.