GetFileUploadURL - Amazon Mechanical Turk




Beginning Tuesday, December 12th 2017 the Answer Specification structure will no longer support the FileUploadAnswer element to be used for the QuestionForm data structure. Instead, we recommend that Requesters who want to create HITs asking Workers to upload files use Amazon S3.

The GetFileUploadURL operation generates and returns a temporary URL. You use the temporary URL to retrieve a file uploaded by a Worker as an answer to a FileUploadAnswer question for a HIT. The temporary URL is generated the instant the GetFileUploadURL operation is called, and is valid for 60 seconds. You can get a temporary file upload URL any time until the HIT is disposed. After the HIT is disposed, any uploaded files are deleted, and cannot be retrieved.

Request Syntax

{ "AssignmentId": String, "QuestionIdentifier": String }

Request Parameters

The request accepts the following data in JSON format:

Name Description Required


The ID of the assignment that contains the question with a FileUploadAnswer.

Type: String



The identifier of the question with a FileUploadAnswer, as specified in the QuestionForm of the HIT.

Type: String


Response Elements

A successful request returns an FileUploadURL string containing the temporary URL.