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API Reference (API Version 2017-01-17)

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The HITLayoutParameter data structure defines parameter values used with a HITLayout. A HITLayout is a reusable Amazon Mechanical Turk project template used to provide Human Intelligence Task (HIT) question data for CreateHIT. For more information, see HITLayout.

The HITLayoutParameter data structure is used in the results of the following operation:


The HITLayout is used to create an HTMLQuestion document. HITLayoutParameter values with reserved characters or invalid HTML markup may result in an invalid HTMLQuestion document.


The HITLayout data structure has a root element of HITLayoutParameter.

The HITLayoutParameter element contains the following elements:

Name Description Required


The name of the parameter in the HITLayout.

Type: String

Default: None

Constraints: Parameter names supplied in a HITLayoutParameter structure must be used in the referenced HITLayout.



The value substituted for the parameter referenced in the HITLayout.

Type: String

Default: None


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