Data Structure Schema Locations - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Data Structure Schema Locations


    The Amazon Mechanical Turk uses several XML data structures to help you define your tasks flexibly. These data structures are specified using schemas that are versioned. This allows MTurk to add new versions of task types while preserving backwards compatibility.

    When constructing an XML object for any of these structures, you must declare a namespace that matches the target namespace for the schema for the structure. The namespace is defined using the URL to the schema definition. For example, here is how to declare your namespace when constructing an HTMLQuestion:

    <HTMLQuestion xmlns=""> [...] </HTMLQuestion>

    If the service returns an error message about data not validating against the schema, make sure your namespace declaration matches the target namespace specified in the schema.


    Beginning Tuesday, December 12th 2017 the QuestionForm structure will no longer support the FileUploadAnswer element and the Application element. The 2017-11-06 version of the QuestionForm schema has been updated to reflect these changes. If you don't use the deprecated elements in your QuestionForm, the 2005-10-01 schema will continue to work.

    You can find the schema namespace values for all of the question and answer data structures below:

    Type of Schema Latest Version Schema Namespace
    The HTMLQuestion schema 2011-11-11 Download
    The ExternalQuestion schema 2006-07-14 Download
    The Formatted Content: XHTML subset 2006-07-14 Download
    The QuestionForm schemas 2017-11-06 Download
    The QuestionFormAnswers schemas 2005-10-01 Download
    The AnswerKey schemas schemas 2005-10-01 Download