SendTestEventNotification - Amazon Mechanical Turk



The SendTestEventNotification operation causes Amazon Mechanical Turk to send a notification message as if a HIT event occurred, according to the provided notification specification. This allows you to test notifications without setting up notifications for a real HIT type and trying to trigger them using the website. When you call this operation, the service sends the test notification immediately.

Request Syntax

{ "Notification": Notification data structure, "TestEventType": An EventType element of the Notification data structure. }

Request Parameters

The request accepts the following data in JSON format:

Name Description Required


The notification specification to test. This value is identical to the value you would provide to the UpdateNotificationSettings operation when you establish the notification specification for a HIT type.

Type: Notification data structure



The event to simulate to test the notification specification. This event is included in the test message even if the notification specification does not include the event type. The notification specification does not filter out the test event.

Type: An EventType element of the Notification data structure.


Response Elements

A successful request for the SendTestEventNotification operation returns with no errors and an empty body.