UpdateHITReviewStatus - Amazon Mechanical Turk



The UpdateHITReviewStatus operation toggles the status of a HIT. If the status is Reviewable, this operation updates the status to Reviewing, or reverts a Reviewing HIT back to the Reviewable status.

For example, when processing assignments from Workers if you do not want to make an immediate decision about approving or rejecting assignments, you can use this operation to set the status of the HIT to Reviewing . To retrieve a list of HITs in reviewing status, add "Status": "Reviewing" to your request parameters in the ListReviewableHITs Operation.

Request Syntax

{ "HITId": String, "Revert": Boolean }

Request Parameters

The request accepts the following data in JSON format:

Name Description Required


The HIT to update.

Type: String



Specifies whether to update the HIT Status from Reviewing to Reviewable.

Type: Boolean

Default: false; the operation promotes the HIT from Reviewable to Reviewing.


Response Elements

A successful request for the UpdateHITReviewStatus operation returns with no errors and an empty body.