UpdateNotificationSettings - Amazon Mechanical Turk



The UpdateNotificationSettings operation creates, updates, disables or re-enables notifications for a HIT type.

If you call the UpdateNotificationSettings operation for a HIT type that already has a notification specification, the operation replaces the old specification with a new one.

You can call the UpdateNotificationSettings operation to enable or disable notifications for the HIT type, without having to modify the notification specification itself.

You can call this operation at any time to change the value of the of the Active parameter of a HIT type. You can specify changes to the Active status without specifying a new notification specification (the Notification parameter).

To change the Active status of a HIT type's notifications, the HIT type must already have a notification specification, or one must be provided in the same call to UpdateNotificationSettings.

Request Syntax

{ "HITTypeId": String, "Notification": Notification data structure, "Active": Boolean }

Request Parameters

The request accepts the following data in JSON format:

Name Description Required


The the HITTypeID whose notification specification is being updated.

Type: String



The notification specification for the HIT type.

Type: Notification data structure



Specifies whether notifications are sent for HITs of this HIT type, according to the notification specification. You must specify either the Notification parameter or the Active parameter for the call to SetHITTypeNotification to succeed.

Type: Boolean


Response Elements

A successful request for the UpdateNotificationSettings operation returns with no errors and an empty body.