Amazon Mechanical Turk
Requester UI Guide (API Version 2017-01-17)

Creating a Qualification Type

The following procedure shows you how to create your own Qualification Type.

To create a new Qualification Type

  1. Click the Manage tab and then click Qualification Types.

  2. Click the Create New Qualification Type button.

    The Create New Qualification Type dialog box appears.

  3. In the Friendly Name text box, enter a name that describes the Qualification Type.

  4. In the Description: text box, enter a description of the Qualification Type and click the Create button.

    The new qualification type appears in the list of Qualification Types on the Manage Qualification Types page.

There is a short delay before the new Qualification Type appears in the list. You can refresh your browser to update the list.

To assign Workers your new Qualification Type, see Assigning a Qualification to a Worker to a Worker.