Configuring Amazon SQS queues (console) - Amazon Simple Queue Service

Configuring Amazon SQS queues (console)

Use the Amazon SQS console to configure and manage Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queues and features. You can also use the console to configure features such as server-side encryption, associate a dead-letter queue with your queue, or set a trigger to invoke an AWS Lambda function.

Understanding the Amazon SQS console

When you open the console, choose Queues from the navigation pane to display the Queues page. The Queues page provides information about all of your queues in the active region.

				Queues page in the Amazon SQS console

The entry for each queue shows the queue type and other information about the queue. The Type column helps you distinguish standard queues from First-In-First Out (FIFO) queues at a glance.

From the Queues page, there are two ways to perform actions on a queue. You can choose the option next to the queue name and then choose the action you want to perform on the queue.

				Actions available in the Queues page of the Amazon SQS

You can also choose the queue name, which open the Details page for the queue. The Details page includes the same actions as the Queues page. In addition, you can choose one of the tabs below the Details section to view additional configuration details and actions.

Queue details page in the Amazon SQS console