Reports, metrics, and logs - Amazon CloudFront

Reports, metrics, and logs

CloudFront provides several options for reporting, monitoring, and logging your CloudFront resources. You can complete the following tasks:

  • View and download reports to see usage and activity for your CloudFront distributions, including billing reports, cache statistics, popular content, and top referrers.

  • Monitor and track CloudFront, including your edge computing functions, directly in the CloudFront console or by using Amazon CloudWatch. CloudFront sends metrics to CloudWatch for distributions and edge functions, both Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Functions.

  • View logs for the viewer requests that your CloudFront distributions receive with standard logs or real-time logs. In addition to viewer request logs, you can use CloudWatch Logs to get logs for your edge functions, both Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Functions. You can also use AWS CloudTrail to get logs of the CloudFront API activity in your AWS account.

  • Track configuration changes to your CloudFront resources using AWS Config.

For more information about these options, see the following topics.