Amazon CloudWatch
User Guide

Creating an Alarm from a Metric on a Graph

You can graph a metric and then create an alarm from the metric on the graph, which has the benefit of populating many of the alarm fields for you.

To create an alarm from a metric on a graph

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Metrics.

  3. Select a metric namespace (for example, EC2) and then a metric dimension (for example, Per-Instance Metrics).

  4. The All metrics tab displays all metrics for that dimension in that namespace. To graph a metric, select the check box next to the metric.

  5. To create an alarm for the metric, choose the Graphed metrics tab. For Actions, choose the alarm icon.

              Create an alarm from a graphed metric
  6. Under Alarm Threshold, enter a unique name for the alarm and a description of the alarm. For Whenever, specify a threshold and the number of periods.

  7. Under Actions, select the type of action to have the alarm perform when the alarm is triggered.

  8. (Optional) For Period, choose a different value. For Statistic, choose Standard to specify one of the statistics in the list or choose Custom to specify a percentile (for example, p95.45).

              Update the period and statistic for an alarmed metric
  9. Choose Create Alarm.