Creating a CloudWatch dashboard - Amazon CloudWatch

Creating a CloudWatch dashboard

To get started with CloudWatch dashboards, you must first create a dashboard. You can create multiple dashboards. There is no limit on the number of CloudWatch dashboards in your AWS account. All dashboards are global, not Region-specific.

The steps in this section are for creating a dashboard using the console. You can also create a dashboard with the PutDashboard API, which uses a JSON string to define the dashboard contents. To create a dashboard using PutDashboard and base this dashboard on an existing dashboard, choose Actions and thenView/edit source to display and copy the JSON string of a current dashboard to use for your new dashboard.

For more information about creating a dashboard using the API, see PutDashboard in the Amazon CloudWatch API Reference.

To create a dashboard using the console

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Dashboards and then Create dashboard.

  3. In the Create new dashboard dialog box, enter a name for the dashboard and choose Create dashboard.

    If you use the name CloudWatch-Default, the dashboard appears on the overview on the CloudWatch home page. For more information, see Getting started with Amazon CloudWatch.

    If you use resource groups and name the dashboard CloudWatch-Default-ResourceGroupName, it appears on the CloudWatch home page when you focus on that resource group.

  4. Do one of the following in the Add to this dashboard dialog box:

    • To add a graph to your dashboard, choose Line or Stacked area and choose Configure. In the Add metric graph dialog box, select the metrics to graph and choose Create widget. If a specific metric doesn't appear in the dialog box because it hasn't published data in more than 14 days, you can add it manually. For more information, see Graph metrics manually on a CloudWatch dashboard.

    • To add a number displaying a metric to the dashboard, choose Number and then Configure. In the Add metric graph dialog box, select the metrics to graph and choose Create widget.

    • To add a text block to your dashboard, choose Text and then Configure. In the New text widget dialog box, for Markdown, add and format your text using Markdown. Choose Create widget.

  5. Optionally, choose Add widget and repeat step 4 to add another widget to the dashboard. You can repeat this step multiple times.

  6. Choose Save dashboard.