Amazon ECR
User Guide (API Version 2015-09-21)

Amazon ECR Service Limits

The following table provides the default limits for Amazon ECR for an AWS account which can be changed. For more information, see AWS Service Limits in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

Resource Default Limit
Maximum number of repositories per account 1,000
Maximum number of images per repository 1,000
Maximum GetAuthorizationToken API transactions per second, per account, per region 20 sustained, with the ability to burst up to 200 *

* In each region, each account receives a bucket that can store up to 200 GetAuthorizationToken credits. These credits are replenished at a rate of 20 per second. If your bucket has 200 credits, you could achieve 200 GetAuthorizationToken API transactions per second for one second, and then sustain 20 transactions per second indefinitely.

The following table provides other limitations for Amazon ECR and Docker images that cannot be changed.


The layer part information mentioned in the table below is only applicable to customers who are calling the Amazon ECR APIs directly to initiate multipart uploads for image push operations (we expect this to be very rare).

We recommend that you use the docker CLI to pull, tag, and push images.

Resource Default Limit
Maximum number of layers per image 127 (this is the current Docker limit)
Maximum number of tags per image 100
Maximum layer size ** 10,000 MiB
Maximum layer part size 10 MiB
Minimum layer part size 5 MiB (except the final layer part in an upload)
Maximum number of layer parts 1,000
Maximum number of rules in a lifecycle policy 50
Maximum length of a lifecycle policy 30720

** The maximum layer size listed here is calculated by multiplying the maximum layer part size (10 MiB) by the maximum number of layer parts (1,000).