DeploymentCircuitBreaker - Amazon Elastic Container Service



The deployment circuit breaker can only be used for services using the rolling update (ECS) deployment type that are not behind a Classic Load Balancer.

The deployment circuit breaker determines whether a service deployment will fail if the service can't reach a steady state. If enabled, a service deployment will transition to a failed state and stop launching new tasks. You can also enable Amazon ECS to roll back your service to the last completed deployment after a failure. For more information, see Rolling update in the Amazon Elastic Container Service Developer Guide.



Whether to enable the deployment circuit breaker logic for the service.

Type: Boolean

Required: Yes


Whether to enable Amazon ECS to roll back the service if a service deployment fails. If rollback is enabled, when a service deployment fails, the service is rolled back to the last deployment that completed successfully.

Type: Boolean

Required: Yes

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