Deleting an Amazon ECS cluster - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Deleting an Amazon ECS cluster

If you are finished using a cluster, you can delete it. After you delete the cluster, it transitions to the INACTIVE state. Clusters with an INACTIVE status may remain discoverable in your account for a period of time. However, this behavior is subject to change in the future, so you should not rely on INACTIVE clusters persisting.

Before you delete a cluster, you must perform the following operations:

  1. Open the console at

  2. From the navigation bar, select the Region to use.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Clusters.

  4. On the Clusters page, select the cluster to delete.

  5. In the upper-right of the page, choose Delete Cluster.

    A message is displayed when you did not delete all the resources associated with the cluster.

  6. In the confirmation box, enter delete cluster name.