Performance of Amazon EBS volumes for Fargate on-demand tasks - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Performance of Amazon EBS volumes for Fargate on-demand tasks

The baseline Amazon EBS volume IOPS and throughput available for a Fargate on-demand task depends on the total CPU units you request for the task. If you request 0.25, 0.5, or 1 virtual CPU unit (vCPU) for your Fargate task, we recommend that you configure a General Purpose SSD volume (gp2 or gp3) or a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) volume (st1 or sc1). If you request more than 1 vCPU for your Fargate task, the following baseline performance limits apply to an Amazon EBS volume attached to the task. You may temporarily get higher EBS performance than the following limits. However, we recommend that you plan your workload based on these limits.

CPU units requested (in vCPUs) Baseline Amazon EBS IOPS(16 KiB I/O) Baseline Amazon EBS Throughput (in MiBps, 128 KiB I/O) Baseline bandwidth (in Mbps)
2 3,000 75 360
4 5,000 120 1,150
8 10,000 250 2,300
16 15,000 500 4,500

When you configure an Amazon EBS volume for attachment to a Fargate task, the Amazon EBS performance limit for the Fargate task is shared between the task's ephemeral storage and the attached volume.