Modifying Amazon ECS account settings - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Modifying Amazon ECS account settings

You can use the AWS Management Console to modify your account settings.

The guardDutyActivate parameter is read-only in Amazon ECS and indicates whether Runtime Monitoring is turned on or off by your security administrator in your Amazon ECS account. GuardDuty controls this account setting on your behalf. For more information, see Protecting Amazon ECS workloads with Runtime Monitoring.


The dualStackIPv6, fargateFIPSMode and the fargateTaskRetirementWaitPeriod account settings can only be viewed or changed using the AWS CLI.

  1. Open the console at

  2. In the navigation bar at the top, select the Region for which to view your account settings.

  3. In the navigation page, choose Account Settings.

  4. Choose Update.

  5. To increase or decrease the number of tasks that you can run in the awsvpc network mode for each EC2 instance, under AWSVPC Trunking, select AWSVPC Trunking.

  6. To use or stop using CloudWatch Container Insights by default for clusters, under CloudWatch Container Insights, select or clear CloudWatch Container Insights.

  7. To enable or disable tagging authorization, under Resource Tagging Authorization, select or clear Resource Tagging Authorization.

  8. Choose Save changes.

  9. On the confirmation screen, choose Confirm to save the selection.