Fargate Windows platform versions for Amazon ECS - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Fargate Windows platform versions for Amazon ECS

AWS Fargate platform versions are used to refer to a specific runtime environment for Fargate task infrastructure. It is a combination of the kernel and container runtime versions. You select a platform version when you run a task or when you create a service to maintain a number of identical tasks.

New revisions of platform versions are released as the runtime environment evolves, for example, if there are kernel or operating system updates, new features, bug fixes, or security updates. A Fargate platform version is updated by making a new platform version revision. Each task runs on one platform version revision during its lifecycle. If you want to use the latest platform version revision, then you must start a new task. A new task that runs on Fargate always runs on the latest revision of a platform version, ensuring that tasks are always started on secure and patched infrastructure.

If a security issue is found that affects an existing platform version, AWS creates a new patched revision of the platform version and retires tasks running on the vulnerable revision. In some cases, you may be notified that your tasks on Fargate have been scheduled for retirement. For more information, see AWS Fargate task maintenance on Amazon ECS FAQs.

Platform version considerations

Consider the following when specifying a platform version:

  • When specifying a platform version, you can use either a specific version number, for example 1.0.0, or LATEST.

    When the LATEST platform version is selected the 1.0.0 platform is used.

  • New tasks always run on the latest revision of a platform version, ensuring that tasks are always started on secured and patched infrastructure.

  • Microsoft Windows Server container images must be created from a specific version of Windows Server. You must select the same version of Windows Server in the platformFamily when you run a task or create a service that matches the Windows Server container image. Additionally, you can provide a matching operatingSystemFamily in the task definition to prevent tasks from being run on the wrong Windows version. For more information, see Matching container host version with container image versions on the Microsoft Learn website.

  • The platform version numbers for Linux containers and Windows containers on Fargate are independent. For example, the behavior, features, and software used in platform version 1.0.0 for Windows containers on Fargate aren't comparable to those of platform version 1.0.0 for Linux containers on Fargate.

The following are the available platform versions for Windows containers.


The following is the changelog for platform version 1.0.0.

  • Initial release for support on the following Microsoft Windows Server operating systems:

    • Windows Server 2019 Full

    • Windows Server 2019 Core

    • Windows Server 2022 Full

    • Windows Server 2022 Core