Scale your Amazon ECS service using a schedule - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Scale your Amazon ECS service using a schedule

With scheduled scaling, you can set up automatic scaling for your application based on predictable load changes by creating scheduled actions that increase or decrease capacity at specific times. This allows you to scale your application proactively to match predictable load changes.

These scheduled scaling actions allow you to optimize costs and performance. Your application has sufficient capacity to handle the mid-week traffic peak, but does not over-provision unneeded capacity at other times.

You can use scheduled scaling and scaling policies together to get the benefits of proactive and reactive approaches to scaling. After a scheduled scaling action runs, the scaling policy can continue to make decisions about whether to further scale capacity. This helps you ensure that you have sufficient capacity to handle the load for your application. While your application scales to match demand, current capacity must fall within the minimum and maximum capacity that was set by your scheduled action.

You can configure schedule scaling using the AWS CLI. For more information about scheduled scaling, see Scheduled Scaling in the Application Auto Scaling User Guide.