Viewing Amazon ECS service event messages - Amazon Elastic Container Service

Viewing Amazon ECS service event messages

When troubleshooting a problem with a service, the first place you should check for diagnostic information is the service event log. You can view service events using the DescribeServices API, the AWS CLI, or by using the AWS Management Console.

When viewing service event messages using the Amazon ECS API, only the events from the service scheduler are returned. These include the most recent task placement and instance health events. However, the Amazon ECS console displays service events from the following sources.

  • Task placement and instance health events from the Amazon ECS service scheduler. These events have a prefix of service (service-name). To ensure that this event view is helpful, we only show the 100 most recent events and duplicate event messages are omitted until either the cause is resolved or six hours passes. If the cause is not resolved within six hours, you receive another service event message for that cause.

  • Service Auto Scaling events. These events have a prefix of Message. The 10 most recent scaling events are shown. These events only occur when a service is configured with an Application Auto Scaling scaling policy.

Use the following steps to view your current service event messages.

  1. Open the console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Clusters.

  3. On the Clusters page, choose the cluster.

  4. Choose the service to inspect.

  5. Choose Deployments and events, under Events, view the messages.


Use the describe-services command to view the service event messages for a specified service.

The following AWS CLI example describes the service-name service in the default cluster, which will provide the latest service event messages.

aws ecs describe-services \ --cluster default \ --services service-name \ --region us-west-2