EC2 Windows considerations for Amazon ECS - Amazon Elastic Container Service

EC2 Windows considerations for Amazon ECS

Tasks that run on EC2 Windows instances don't support all of the Amazon ECS task definition parameters that are available. Some parameters aren't supported at all, and others behave differently.

The following task definition parameters aren't supported for Amazon EC2 Windows task definitions:

  • containerDefinitions

    • disableNetworking

    • dnsServers

    • dnsSearchDomains

    • extraHosts

    • links

    • linuxParameters

    • privileged

    • readonlyRootFilesystem

    • user

    • ulimits

  • volumes

    • dockerVolumeConfiguration

  • cpu

    We recommend specifying container-level CPU for Windows containers.

  • memory

    We recommend specifying container-level memory for Windows containers.

  • proxyConfiguration

  • ipcMode

  • pidMode

  • taskRoleArn

    The IAM roles for tasks on EC2 Windows instances features requires additional configuration, but much of this configuration is similar to configuring IAM roles for tasks on Linux container instances. For more information see Amazon ECS Amazon EC2 Windows instance additional configuration.