Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2016-01-11 (version 1.5) (Deprecated) - Amazon Aurora

Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2016-01-11 (version 1.5) (Deprecated)

Version: 1.5

This update includes the following improvements:


  • Fixed a 10 second pause of write operations for idle instances during Aurora storage deployments.

  • Logical read-ahead now works when innodb_file_per_table is set to No. For more information on logical read-ahead, see Aurora MySQL database engine updates: 2015-12-03 (version 1.4) (Deprecated).

  • Fixed issues with Aurora Replicas reconnecting with the primary instance. This improvement also fixes an issue when you specify a large value for the quantity parameter when testing Aurora Replica failures using fault-injection queries. For more information, see Testing an Aurora replica failure in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

  • Improved monitoring of Aurora Replicas falling behind and restarting.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an Aurora Replica to lag, become deregistered, and then restart.

  • Fixed an issue when you run the show innodb status command during a deadlock.

  • Fixed an issue with failovers for larger instances during high write throughput.

Integration of MySQL bug fixes

  • Addressed incomplete fix in MySQL full text search affecting tables where the database name begins with a digit. (Port Bug #17607956)