Aurora MySQL–specific information_schema tables - Amazon Aurora

Aurora MySQL–specific information_schema tables

Aurora MySQL has certain information_schema tables that are specific to Aurora.


The information_schema.replica_host_status table contains replication information. The columns that you can use are shown in the following table. The remaining columns are for Aurora internal use only.

Column Data type Description
CPUdoubleThe CPU percentage usage of the replica host.
IS_CURRENTtinyintWhether the replica is current.
LAST_UPDATE_TIMESTAMPdatetime(6)The time the last update occurred. Used to determine whether a record is stale.
REPLICA_LAG_IN_MILLISECONDSdoubleThe replica lag in milliseconds.
SERVER_IDvarchar(100)The ID of the database server.
SESSION_IDvarchar(100)The ID of the database session. Used to determine whether a DB instance is a writer or reader instance.

When a replica instance falls behind, the information queried from its information_schema.replica_host_status table might be outdated. In this situation, we recommend that you query from the writer instance instead.

While the mysql.ro_replica_status table has similar information, we don't recommend that you use it.