Amazon Aurora
User Guide for Aurora (API Version 2014-10-31)

Database Engine Updates for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

In the following topic, you can find version and update information specific to Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. For more information about updates that apply generally to Aurora, see Amazon Aurora Updates.

Finding Your Version of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

Amazon Aurora includes certain features that are general to Aurora and available to all Aurora DB clusters. Aurora includes other features that are specific to a particular database engine that Aurora supports. These features are available only to those Aurora DB clusters that use that database engine, such as Aurora PostgreSQL.

An Aurora DB instance provides two version numbers, the Aurora version number and the Aurora database engine version number. For more information about the Aurora version number, see Amazon Aurora Versions.

You can get the Aurora database engine version number for an Aurora PostgreSQL DB instance by querying for the SERVER_VERSION runtime parameter. To get the Aurora database engine version number, use the following query.


Upgrading the Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Engine Version

For more information about upgrading the Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL engine version, see Upgrading a DB Cluster Engine Version.