MySQL on Amazon RDS SQL reference - Amazon Relational Database Service

MySQL on Amazon RDS SQL reference

Following, you can find a description of system stored procedures that are available for Amazon RDS instances running the MySQL DB engine.


The following system stored procedures are supported for Amazon RDS DB instances running MySQL. The master user must run these procedures.


InnoDB cache warming

Managing additional configuration (for example, binlog file retention)

Ending a session or query


Managing the global status history

SQL reference conventions

Following, you can find explanations for the conventions that are used to describe the syntax of the system stored procedures and tables described in the SQL reference section.

Character Description
UPPERCASE Words in uppercase are keywords.
[ ] Square brackets indicate optional arguments.
{ } Braces indicate that you are required to choose one of the arguments inside the braces.
| Pipes separate arguments that you can choose.
italics Words in italics indicate placeholders. You must insert the appropriate value in place of the word in italics.
An ellipsis indicates that you can repeat the preceding element.
' Words in single quotes indicate that you must type the quotes.