Importing using Oracle SQL Developer - Amazon Relational Database Service

Importing using Oracle SQL Developer

For small databases, you can use Oracle SQL Developer, a graphical Java tool distributed without cost by Oracle. You can install this tool on your desktop computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) or on one of your servers. Oracle SQL Developer provides options for migrating data between two Oracle databases, or for migrating data from other databases, such as MySQL, to Oracle. Oracle SQL Developer is best suited for migrating small databases. We recommend that you read the Oracle SQL Developer product documentation before you begin migrating your data.

After you install SQL Developer, you can use it to connect to your source and target databases. Use the Database Copy command on the Tools menu to copy your data to your Amazon RDS instance.

To download Oracle SQL Developer, go to

Oracle also has documentation on how to migrate from other databases, including MySQL and SQL Server. For more information, see in the Oracle documentation.