Prerequisites for creating an RDS for Db2 DB instance - Amazon Relational Database Service

Prerequisites for creating an RDS for Db2 DB instance

The following items are prerequisites before creating a DB instance.

Administrator account

When you create a DB instance, you must designate an administrator account for the instance. Amazon RDS grants ACCESSCTRL authority to this local database administrator account.

The administrator account has the following characteristics, capabilities, and limitations:

  • Is a local user and not an AWS account.

  • Doesn't have Db2 instance-level authorities such as SYSADM, SYSMAINT, or SYSCTRL.

  • Can't stop or start a Db2 instance.

  • Can't drop a Db2 database if you specified the name when you created the DB instance.

  • Has full access to the Db2 database including catalog tables and views.

  • Can create local users and groups by using Amazon RDS stored procedures.

  • Can grant and revoke authorities and privileges.

The administrator account can perform the following tasks:

  • Create, modify, or delete DB instances.

  • Create DB snapshots.

  • Initiate point-in-time restores.

  • Create automated backups of DB snapshots.

  • Create manual backups of DB snapshots.

  • Use other Amazon RDS features.

Additional considerations

Before creating a DB instance, consider the following items:

  • Each RDS for Db2 DB instance can host a single Db2 database.

  • Initial database name

  • In the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model, you must first create a custom parameter group that contains your IBM Customer ID and your IBM Site ID. For more information, see Bring Your Own License.