Restore an Archived Object Using the AWS SDK for .NET - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Restore an Archived Object Using the AWS SDK for .NET

The following C# example initiates a request to restore an archived object for 2 days. Amazon S3 maintains the restoration status in the object metadata. After initiating the request, the example retrieves the object metadata and checks the value of the RestoreInProgress property. For instructions on creating and testing a working sample, see Running the Amazon S3 .NET Code Examples.

using Amazon; using Amazon.S3; using Amazon.S3.Model; using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace Amazon.DocSamples.S3 { class RestoreArchivedObjectTest { private const string bucketName = "*** bucket name ***"; private const string objectKey = "** archived object key name ***"; // Specify your bucket region (an example region is shown). private static readonly RegionEndpoint bucketRegion = RegionEndpoint.USWest2; private static IAmazonS3 client; public static void Main() { client = new AmazonS3Client(bucketRegion); RestoreObjectAsync(client, bucketName, objectKey).Wait(); } static async Task RestoreObjectAsync(IAmazonS3 client, string bucketName, string objectKey) { try { var restoreRequest = new RestoreObjectRequest { BucketName = bucketName, Key = objectKey, Days = 2 }; RestoreObjectResponse response = await client.RestoreObjectAsync(restoreRequest); // Check the status of the restoration. await CheckRestorationStatusAsync(client, bucketName, objectKey); } catch (AmazonS3Exception amazonS3Exception) { Console.WriteLine("An AmazonS3Exception was thrown. Exception: " + amazonS3Exception.ToString()); } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine("Exception: " + e.ToString()); } } static async Task CheckRestorationStatusAsync(IAmazonS3 client, string bucketName, string objectKey) { GetObjectMetadataRequest metadataRequest = new GetObjectMetadataRequest { BucketName = bucketName, Key = objectKey }; GetObjectMetadataResponse response = await client.GetObjectMetadataAsync(metadataRequest); Console.WriteLine("restoration status: {0}", response.RestoreInProgress ? "in-progress" : "finished or failed"); } } }