DomainMetadata - Amazon SimpleDB



Returns information about the domain, including when the domain was created, the number of items and attributes, and the size of attribute names and values.

Request Parameters

Name Description Required

The name of the domain for which to display metadata.

Type: String


Response Elements

Name Description
Timestamp The data and time when metadata was calculated in Epoch (UNIX) time.
ItemCount The number of all items in the domain.
AttributeValueCount The number of all attribute name/value pairs in the domain.
AttributeNameCount The number of unique attribute names in the domain.
ItemNamesSizeBytes The total size of all item names in the domain, in bytes.
AttributeValuesSizeBytes The total size of all attribute values, in bytes.
AttributeNamesSizeBytes The total size of all unique attribute names, in bytes.

Special Errors

Error Description
MissingParameter The request must contain the parameter DomainName.
NoSuchDomain The specified domain does not exist.


Sample Request ?Action=DomainMetadata &AWSAccessKeyId=[valid access key id] &DomainName=MyDomain &SignatureVersion=2 &SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256 &Timestamp=2010-01-25T15%3A03%3A07-07%3A00 &Version=2009-04-15 &Signature=[valid signature]

Sample Response

<DomainMetadataResponse> <DomainMetadataResult> <ItemCount>195078</ItemCount> <ItemNamesSizeBytes>2586634</ItemNamesSizeBytes> <AttributeNameCount >12</AttributeNameCount > <AttributeNamesSizeBytes>120</AttributeNamesSizeBytes> <AttributeValueCount>3690416</AttributeValueCount> <AttributeValuesSizeBytes>50149756</AttributeValuesSizeBytes> <Timestamp>1225486466</Timestamp> </DomainMetadataResult> <ResponseMetadata> <RequestId>b1e8f1f7-42e9-494c-ad09-2674e557526d</RequestId> <BoxUsage>0.0000219907</BoxUsage> </ResponseMetadata> </DomainMetadataResponse>