Get started with AWS Incident Detection and Response - AWS Incident Detection and Response User Guide

Get started with AWS Incident Detection and Response

You can select specific workloads for monitoring and critical incident management using AWS Incident Detection and Response. A workload is a collection of resources and code that work together to deliver a business value. A workload might be all the resources and code that make up your banking payment portal or a customer relationship management (CRM) system. You can host a workload in a single AWS account or multiple AWS accounts.

For example, you might have a monolithic application hosted in a single account (for example, Employee Performance App in Fig.1). Or, you might have an application (for example, Storefront Webapp in Fig. 1) broken into microservices that stretch across different accounts. A workload might share resources, such as a database, with other applications or workloads as shown in Fig. 1.


To make changes to your runbooks, workload information, or the alarms monitored on AWS Incident Detection and Response, create an Request changes to an onboarded workload.